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Protecting your dog from electrocution

With 16 reported incidents of dogs being shocked or electrocuted in Boston over the last five years, the odds are remote that taking your dog for a walk will risk injury or death. But if you're concerned, here are some precautions you can take:

Buy dog booties, ideally those made of rubber, which will insulate the dog from any stray current underground.

Avoid walking through salt-laden slush or puddles, because saline water can conduct stray voltage.

Keep your dog from walking over manholes or metal grates.

If you know of locations on your walk route where city lamp poles were removed or major electrical construction occurred recently, consider avoiding them, just in case the wires were not properly secured.

Wear rubber boots when walking so you’ll be grounded from electricity and can rescue your dog if it steps on a live current.

If you think your dog has been shocked, seek veterinary care immediately. Internal injuries and burned paw pads may not be immediately apparent.

SOURCES: Angell Animal Medical Center, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Globe research Source: Boston Globe

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