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About The Owner

Brenda Loew owns 4 Paws Dog Walking & Petsitting in Newton, MA. She is bonded and insured, a member and former Massachusetts State Ambassador of Pet Sitters International and a member of the National Association of Professional Petsitters (NAPPS).

A former tenured public school teacher, Brenda is also a notary public with a master’s degree in Linguistic Science from Brown University, and a certificate in Paralegal Studies from Northeastern. She is a Board registered manicurist, professional reflexologist, Reiki Master and practitioner and a member of the National Writers Union. Her rescued basset hound Duncan attends puppy play-group daily and is best friends with Stormy, a "black kitty" Brenda adopted from a cat rescue organization during a February snowstorm.

Pet Sitters International Appoints Local Pet Sitter as Goodwill Ambassador
King, NC—Pet Sitters International (PSI) has appointed Brenda Loew of 4 Paws Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, Newton as the Goodwill Ambassador for Massachusetts.

Loew holds several advanced degrees including Boarding Registration and Certificate in pet first aid. She has been a professional pet sitter for four years and works closely with local veterinarians, groomers, veterinary technicians, rescue groups and schools. Loew also teaches “How to Start a Pet Sitting Business” as an adult education class.

The Goodwill Ambassadors Program will offer PSI members access to a regional representative and in some cases a state representative for support. Goals of the program are improving member communication, increasing networks and participation in events like National Professional Pet Sitters Week and Take Your Dog To Work Day®, programs created by PSI.

Ambassadors will serve as a local resource for questions and information regarding PSI membership and pet sitting in general. They will also serve as a local media contact for PSI when necessary, and promote PSI and excellence in the pet sitting industry at various events.

“The PSI Goodwill Ambassadors Program will prove to be a valued benefit for our members,” comments Sheila Smith, public relations specialist and coordinator of the program. “One major component of the program is to utilize the Ambassadors like Brenda to help PSI coordinate local and regional meetings to better serve our members by bringing our resources to them. Pet sitting excellence through education is PSI’s motto, and this program is just one way to fulfill that commitment.”

PSI Goodwill Ambassador
Under the program, PSI split the United States into four regions and a member in Canada will eventually serve the international region. Currently, PSI has appointed state ambassadorships to only six states with plans for expansion as the program develops.

With 5,800 members, Pet Sitters International is the largest organization for professional pet sitters in the world. For more information on the program or Pet Sitters International, visit www.petsit.com or call (336) 983-9222.

She is a Board registered manicurist, professional reflexologist, Reiki Master and practitioner, President of the New England Vintage Film Society, Inc. and a member of the National Writers Union.


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